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Adding Your Own Platform Fee To Jupiter Swap


There are no protocol fees on Jupiter, but integrators can introduce a platform fee on swaps. The platform fee is provided in basis points, e.g. 20 bps for 0.2% of the token output.

If a platform fee is set, Jupiter will take 2.5% of the platform fee charged by the integrators.

We are using the Referral Program to power our platform fee. You can check out how the Referral Program works.


Jupiter API

1. Obtain a referral account

Go to the referral dashboard to create your own referral account. After creating your own referral account, remember to look up Referral Key on the page, that is your referral account public key.

2. Set your referral fee

To set your referral fee with the Jupiter API, you can just add in the platformFeeBps parameter to the /quote endpoint:

# 5. Get the route for a swap

// Swapping SOL to USDC with input 0.1 SOL and 0.5% slippage
const quoteResponse = await (
await fetch('\
&platformFeeBps=20' // 20 BPS
// console.log({ quoteResponse })

3. Set your fee token account

On the /swap endpoint, remember to add your feeAccount parameter.

# 6. Get the serialized transactions to perform the swap

// get the feeAccount.
const [feeAccount] = await PublicKey.findProgramAddressSync(
referralAccountPubkey.toBuffer(), // your referral account public key
mint.toBuffer(), // the token mint, output mint for ExactIn, input mint for ExactOut.
new PublicKey("REFER4ZgmyYx9c6He5XfaTMiGfdLwRnkV4RPp9t9iF3") // the Referral Program

// get serialized transactions for the swap
const { swapTransaction } = await (
await fetch('', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json'
body: JSON.stringify({
// quoteResponse from /quote api
// user public key to be used for the swap
userPublicKey: wallet.publicKey.toString(),
// auto wrap and unwrap SOL. default is true
wrapAndUnwrapSol: true,

The fee token account should be the same mint as your output mint on the swap for ExactIn. For ExactOut, the fee is being taken as the same mint as the input mint. Also, make sure that the fee token account has been created. You can create the fee token account on the referral dashboard.

Referral Program

For more information on how the Referral Program works, check it out here.


The Jupiter Swap's project account for the Referral Program is 45ruCyfdRkWpRNGEqWzjCiXRHkZs8WXCLQ67Pnpye7Hp.