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Jupiter Terminal Walkthrough

Jupiter Terminal is an open-sourced, lite version of Jupiter that provides end-to-end swap flow by linking it in your HTML with just a few lines of code.

Jupiter Terminal Links

Here's a quick preview of the modes available. To see more, go to our Demo page


Example: Jupiter Terminal integration on a Solana Dapp scaffold

Integrating Jupiter onto your website should be straight-forward. We provide a step-by-step guide here so anyone can do it.

Here's what you can expect from this tutorial: You'll get Jupiter Terminal launching from Solana Dapp in "Modal" mode.

Demo 2

This walkthrough is also available on Youtube:

Watch tutorial on YouTube

Step-by-step Walkthrough

Solana Labs Dapp scaffold Repo:

  1. Clone Solana Dapp Scaffold repo into your local machine or working environment.
  2. Update dependencies, in this example it will be pnpm install
  3. Fire up the development environment in your localhost, in this example it will be pnpm dev


  1. Next, change your network configuration from devnet to mainnet-beta in NetworkConfigurationProvider.tsx file.

Example 2

  1. Include Jupiter Terminal script into your src/pages/_document.tsx file.
<script src="" data-preload />

Example 3

  1. Next, include some of the basic script into src/views/home/index.tsx file.
import { Connection, PublicKey, Transaction } from '@solana/web3.js';
import { notify } from 'utils/notifications';

More info on @solana/web3.js

Example 4

  1. Next, you will need a working RPC endpoint for the transaction to work properly. In this example, we park our RPC_ENDPOINT in src/views/home/constant.ts and import or initialize with import { RPC_ENDPOINT } from './constant'.

Example 5


It is recommended that you use your own RPC endpoint. This RPC_ENDPOINT is only for demonstration purposes so that this example will run.

  1. Here comes the fun part, this is where you can customize the setting and configuration that best fit your dApp or site in Jupiter Terminal Playground


  1. Lastly, there's a Code snippet in the Terminal playground with your configuration. Copy the code snippet and plug it directly into your file, in this example it will be src/views/home/index.tsx file.

Example 6

Example 7

Please reach out in discord if you need help

Feel free to reach out to us in discord if you experience difficulties, we can help you there.