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There are no protocol fees on Jupiter, but integrators can introduce a platform fee on swaps. The platform fee is provided in basis points, e.g. 20 bps for 0.2% of the token output.

Zero Fees

Jupiter doesn't take any fees.


Jupiter API

With the Jupiter API, you can just add in the feeBps parameter to the Quote API:

# 5. Get the routes for a swap

Jupiter SDK

import { Jupiter, getPlatformFeeAccounts, TOKEN_LIST_URL } from '@jup-ag/core';
import { Connection } from '@solana/web3.js';


const connection = new Connection(SOLANA_RPC_ENDPOINT);

const platformFeeAndAccounts = {
feeBps: 50,
feeAccounts: await getPlatformFeeAccounts(
new PublicKey('BUX7s2ef2htTGb2KKoPHWkmzxPj4nTWMWRgs5CSbQxf9') // The platform fee account owner
) // map of mint to token account pubkey

const jupiter = Jupiter.load({
..., // Other arguments, refer to @jup-ag/core documentation

You will need to create the token fee accounts to collect the platform fee. The platform fee is collected in the output mint in ExactIn mode and in the input mint in ExactOut mode.

We have created a tool to help you create the token accounts and also to consolidate fee tokens into a desired token. e.g. convert $DUST into $SOL or $USDC.