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Fiat On-ramps to Solana

Jupiter has integrated with Onramper to power a direct Onramp application from dirty fiat directly into the Solana asset of your choosing.

Onramper is an on-ramp aggregator, helping users around the world get on-chain quickly and easily with the best prices. The Onramp application includes the top on-ramp services (Stripe, Banxa and Topper) to provide the best routing and options based on your region, desired amount and payment preference.


Jupiter will never charge any additional fees for using the Onramp service and Onramper is offering a reduced fee promotional period for the first six months of the integration. This reduced fee promotional period will end in December 2024.

Let's take a look at the Onramp App below.

Onramp UI

Onramp UI

  1. Onramp App Selector: Selector to navigate to the Onramp application.
  2. Options Menu: Select your language preferences, review the Terms of Usage and Privacy Policy, and find Help & Support here.
  3. You Spend: Selector to choose the currency and input the amount you would like to spend on your purchase.
  4. You Get: Selector to choose the Solana asset and the output amount of that asset you will get for your input spend amount.
  5. Payment Processor Selector: Select your preferred payment processor to complete the Onramp purchase.
  6. Pay Using: A dropdown to choose the payment method to use for the purchase. This includes credit, debit, Apple Pay, Google Pay and ACH options.
  7. Buy Button: Click this to begin the Onramp purchase transaction.

Once you click Buy Button, a new tab will open for you to complete the transaction through the payment processor's site with the inputs specified above.

CEX Transfers to Solana

Transferring assets to Solana has never been easier. If you are looking to transfer assets from a Centralized Exchange (CEX), please refer to the steps provided here. Each CEX can have different requirements for external transfers, so please refer to their respective Guide as well.