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New Token Guide

Minting a new token

There are multiple ways of creating/ minting a new set of fungible tokens. Here are some of the available tools to minting new tokens.


Dexlab Token Mint

Setting up pools/ market

There are multiple platforms with permissionless pools that allow projects/ protocols to quickly set up pools and markets. After which, Jupiter will be able to pick up your market automatically.

Permissionless Pools








Jupiter has a minimum liquidity requirement to be able to pick up your market, to enable trading on Jupiter. Read more Getting Your Token on Jupiter

Getting on Strict List / Verified

Jupiter validated token list is built up together with partners and our community, feed Jupiter's "Strict" API, and is in use by ecosystem partners. Read More Getting on Strict List / Verified

Integrating Jupiter Terminal

Another good way of integrating Jupiter is through Jupiter Terminal. Where you can have all the functionalities and features of Jupiter with just a few lines of code.

Here's a more detailed developers docs for more information Jupiter Terminal: Easiest way to add Jupiter to your DApp


Try it out in our Jupiter Terminal playground

Some examples of integrations by some of our ecosystem partners.



Famous Fox Federation Raffles

Famous Fox Federation