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Learn about Jupiter Labs

Jupiter Labs will debut top-tier DeFi protocols in partnership with Jupiter users, JUP DAO, and the Solana community. We aim to bolster Solana's DeFi ecosystem by nurturing new projects, leaders, and tokens. Although these initiatives will originate within Jupiter, they are ultimately designed to launch and operate independently.

Jupiter Labs is initiating two innovative projects which are at different stages of development:

LP-Trader Perpetual Exchange

This is a novel LP-to-trader perpetual exchange on Solana that offers up to 100x leverage. By utilising pool liquidity and oracles, it ensures zero price impact, zero slippage, and deep liquidity. Oracles enable stable market operations during liquidations and stop-loss events, removing risks of position bankruptcy and LP pool fund loss. Users can open and close positions in one simple step, eliminating the need for additional accounts or deposits. With Jupiter Swap integration, any Solana token can be used to open positions.

xSOL Leveraged Stablecoin

We propose sUSD, a new stablecoin backed by SOL and uses leveraged LSTs as the primary yield mechanism with protocol level dynamic rebalancing for stability. Borrowers can mint sUSD using SOL as collateral through interest-free loans with returns from the staked leveraged SOL covering the borrowing costs while providing annualised returns of 7~20% to sUSD holders. We suggest several mechanisms to further enhance the stability and utility of sUSD, including USDC-sUSD pool and various sUSD redemption mechanisms.

These projects will be bootstrapped in conjunction with Jupiter users, the JUP DAO and the Solana ecosystem. Jupiter users will be granted priority access to test and benefit from incentives associated with these protocols and the JUP DAO will receive part of the protocol tokens. Crucially, we would also invite knowledgeable members of the Solana ecosystem to be part of the process of community and protocol development early on, with community tokens allocated for this purpose.