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Jupiter Space Station
Welcome to the space station — home for catdets curious about Jupiter
The Best On-Chain Exchange
Jeremy Allaire (@jerallaire)
5:20 PM · Nov 15, 2023
I am super impressed with
@JupiterExchangeon@solana. Truly excellent UX and features. An example of maturation in a range of infrastructure -- wallets, usdc on solana liquidity and availability, and product execution.
Topo Gigio (@TopoGigio_sol)
10:36 PM · Dec 21, 2023
Did you know?: @JupiterExchange
has a bridge feature? Where it will compare rates and find you the most efficient path to $SOL Jupiter, for me, is the single most important app on $SOL
It is our Grand Central Station.
Love at first swap
Abbas (@abbassshaikh42)
4:28 PM · Dec 16, 2023
Tell me this isn't a gorgeous fucking product by @JupiterExchange

This would previously require me to use a slow, redacted CEX that requires KYC and requires me to handover custody of my assets.

The performant chain thesis is simple: When your base layer does not require weeks and months of development efforts purely directed towards gas/fee optimizations, you allow your builders to innovate and focus purely on the product & they make the magic happen