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Creating The JUP Spirit Together 🦄🪐

· 6 min read

A strong community is at the heart of every good crypto protocol; especially for Jupiter, our community has been cheering us on, guiding development from day one, and filling in the team’s blindspots with talent and passion.

We wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Here are some examples of how the community has shaped Jupiter:

  • Helped make Jupiter one of the fastest growing Defi platforms ever by sharing their positive experiences on Twitter, Discords, private groups
  • Alerted the team to bugs and issues to make the product as good as it can be
  • Supported new users in navigating the platform with a lot of patience and empathy
  • Made art that we’ve used in our materials and it made Jupiter more lively
  • Translated Jupiter into 7 languages and wrote articles for their home communities
  • Created and ran AMAs, trivia, and other events in very creative and engaging ways
  • Moderating other users’ comments in discord with care and intuition

Thanks to everyone’s incredible help, we have made tremendous progress in the last 9 months, which includes crossing $22B in volume traded, being the most integrated protocol in Solana by most of the major projects, running Solana’s most consistent podcast, and growing a substantial organic community.

As we take the next step towards our broader goal of bringing decentralized liquidity to everyone, we would like to invite the community to create a new manifesto and incentive system together.

The JUP Promise of best token selection, best price, and best experience for users and developers helped Jupiter to become one of the best products and top DEXes in Defi.

The JUP Spirit will help Jupiter build one of the most vocal, most long term oriented and most critical communities in crypto.

Drafting The JUP Spirit Together 🎨

To get things started, here’s a draft of the JUP Spirit, and the ethos we want to engender. It is a draft of how we envision the community coming together:

  • Be critical yet optimistic about product improvements: It is very difficult to build a leading aggregator and maintain that lead. We need YOU to join the hustle. Tell us where we can do better, and be critical yet optimistic about improving the product with us.

  • Tell the world about Jupiter: If a tree fell in the middle of the forest and no one saw it, did it fall? If Jup is the best Defi product in the world, but no one knows about it, is it still the best product in the world? We need a community committed to pushing us to be the best in the world, and telling the world about it!

  • Maintain a long-term mindset: Short-termisms plague crypto. We are determined to build a community that is critical yet supportive through ups and downs, lefts and rights, #BUIDL-ing together for the long term.

How to help: What impressed you so far about the Jupiter community? What other communities do you think have great ethos that moves the project forward? How would you change the draft we have above?

How do we manifest the JUP Spirit?

On one side is the community ethos; on the other side are the incentives that drive behaviour. We want to create a fun yet meaningful role and incentive system to reward and encourage contributors.

Currently, we award roles for Jupion (helpful contributors, winners of events), Jupassador (consistent help and repeated wins), and Jupioneer (the earliest users and contributors to Jupiter when we started and heroic contributors), while XP is awarded for participants of our events such as AMAs and Twitter spaces.

While our current system has worked very well in terms of bootstrapping the community, there are some issues we need to resolve:

  • Impactful contributions (helping us work through bugs, product feedback that gets incorporated, partnership wins, great tweets) are not rewarded
  • XP is disjointed from roles and it’s not clear what purpose it serves
  • Consistency in community contribution (support, artwork) is not recognised

We would like to evolve a new system alongside the JUP Spirit that will help us manifest a great community. This system will also be the foundational groundwork before any decentralised token community is formed. Not to worry, any existing roles and XP collected to date will be recorded and migrated to the new setup.

There are many areas that we will like to grow contributions in - developer innovation, art and memes, infographics, active product testers, creative and active evangelism, etc.

The community sees things that we do not see – they are in many other communities, try the product from a user’s perspective, and leverage Jupiter in ways we can only imagine. We want to tap on the fullness of their talents, skills, and intuition to help Jupiter to grow, by sharing more context and empowering people to act.

How to help: Reading the draft of the JUP Spirit, what do you think is good and what is lacking in terms of our current setup? How do we encourage either valuable or long-term participation?


We will be running this conversation for the next 2 weeks — we hope to come away with renewed energy and a better sense of how to be helpful as a community and embody the JUP Spirit. This conversation will be facilitated by our 2 newly minted lead mods - Timoon and LJQ, who will be sharing regular updates to keep the conversation going.

Please refer to the earlier questions in the “How to help” sections and share your thoughts, or just share anything you want! You are probably less boomer and more in touch than us, so you know best.

Here are the channels to participate in the Jup Spirit discussions. Feel free to cross-post!

  • Discord: The easiest way to chat. Go to 🔆・jup-spirit category in our discord and join the conversation:
  • Email: If you’re feeling shy and like it classic, you can email [email protected]

Top contributors will get first dibs on whatever roles are decided in the new system, as well as some awesome amazing Jupiter swag!

We need to build a strong community foundation ahead of any token-related work. The formation of the JUP Spirit is a crucial step for that foundation that will anchor our main goal of bringing decentralized liquidity to everyone. Very, very, excited to work together to create the most active, robust and long-term communities in crypto together.