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Jupiter Community Call 27/12 Summary

Β· 3 min read

Dear Jupiter community - Happy NY eve, and looking forward to a super fun 2023! Despite of the macro headwinds, we are making awesome progress towards being the swap layer of Solana and helping move crypto users away from ever having to need to use centralized exchanges like FTX ever again.

We also had a really fun community call on Tuesday 27/12/22, and here's a quick summary:

Solana and Multi-chain​

  • A pretty big deal is being made out of the fact that deGods and other projects are expanding outside of Solana. The main thing is, this is not really a big deal since even on Ethereum, even the most loyal and OG projects are multi-chain in all but name
  • That said, the timing is rather unfortunate - since the current narrative about Solana is overwhelmingly negative and this adds to the flood of negativity
  • From our point of view, we are heavily invested in Solana, and our long term perspective is not affected. We are committed to building the best decentralized finance trading tools on Solana, and these movements does not change our position one iota

Possible Jupiter Launchpad​

  • The second thing we discussed in detail was Jupiter starting a community driven launchpad to help surface great new projects, which is very much needed in the ecosystem
  • It would also be an interesting complement to the Jupiter community, since the alignment between our users and the new projects will be very strong and relevant
  • The most important thing of course, is that the community is the one who will be driving the discussions, picking the projects and promoting it, rather than centralized parties where the incentives are extremely skewed.

Community Ownership Discussion​

  • We are extremely committed to growing and involving the community more actively in 2023
  • It is important to both recognise past usage and contributions, while also incentizing a new generation of users and community members to be part of the long term effort to build up world class system, community and economics
  • It is obviously not a great time to launch a token, so it will not be wise or feasible to do so now, regardless of the initial hype it might generate - so we have to think of more creative ways of doing so beyond the standard airdrop model!

Ending thoughts: Jupiter’s long term goal is to help remove the need for users to use centralized exchanges like FTX. To reach this goal requires us to get to a world class system, community and token - which is anything but easy. But we inch closer, every single day!