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Referral Program

The Referral Program is an open source program by Jupiter to provide referral fees for integrators who are integrating Jupiter Swap and Jupiter Limit Order. You can check out the code here and how it works.

Referral Dashboard

You can manage your Referral Account on (currently only working for Jupiter related accounts).

Referral Javascript SDK

You can check out the Referral Javascript SDK here. For a list of methods that you can use, check out the source code here.

There are also examples on how to use the SDK here.

Deriving the Fee Token Account

The feeAccount is a PDA based on the referral account you have created with the dashboard above. Here is an example code on how to derive it:

const [feeAccount] = await PublicKey.findProgramAddressSync(
referralAccountPubkey.toBuffer(), // your referral account public key
mint.toBuffer(), // the token mint
new PublicKey("REFER4ZgmyYx9c6He5XfaTMiGfdLwRnkV4RPp9t9iF3") // the Referral Program

When passing in the fee token account, please make sure that the fee token account exists.